The Entrepreneur’s Bible

Ben Suarez doesn’t just give you ideas on how to start your business. He spells out everything necessary to build your empire.

            Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Does the feeling of managing accounting, sales records, along with inventory and distribution seem too overwhelming? With 7 Steps to Freedom by Ben Suarez, YOU can be master of your own domain.

About Ben

Benjamin Suarez, President of Suarez Corporation Industries (SCI), comes from very humble beginnings. Growing up in a poor neighborhood in Canton, OH, he started working at eight-years-old and hasn’t stopped. He worked through high school and college, where it took him 7 years to earn his degree.

            After college, he went to work as a computer scientist but the rewards of stable 9 to 5 didn’t match the accomplishments Suarez wanted for his life. And in 1970, Mr. Suarez launched his first entrepreneurial project – a direct-mail business. After minor success in the direct-mail industry, Suarez quit his full-time job. Shortly after, however, Suarez and his partners suffered a $70,000 loss.

            Tired & discouraged, Suarez contemplated quitting but instead, he went on to write a direct-mail promotion that would generate a million and a half orders. He is truly an example of how to pick oneself up by the bootstraps.

7 Steps of Freedom II by Benjamin D. Suarez

Book Overview

            7 Steps to Freedom is the essential book for any aspiring entrepreneur. In seven steps, Suarez teaches his reader how to set up their very first sales & direct marketing business.

            The book does focus much on the direct-mail industry (an industry that may not have much success in the current era of the Internet), but his principles and formulae can still be translated into working for any sales venture one would want to create today.

            Also, this book isn’t a quick or easy read. This is a book meant to be studied, read over, and taken from again and again as an entrepreneur begins their business building. I’ll even say this isn’t a book written for reading in a week. It should be more carefully considered.

            However, the volume of information that Mr. Suarez provides is worth the study. Ben takes you from planning to product selection, accounting to advertising, making sales records to creating company policies, and everything in between.

 The 7 Steps

            Our author starts with Step 1 being the preparation phase. In this step, the entrepreneur educates themselves to what makes a business successful, determines his or her goals and objectives, and produces their master plan to reach those goals and objectives.

            In the second step, the entrepreneur assembles what Ben calls the Net Profit Generation System or NPGS. In this step, Ben provides you with detailed formulae, tests, and advice to determine if a product will be a hero or a zero. He also guides you through selecting quality prospects, efficient forms of media, and how to predict a response to your direct advertising.

            In Step 3, Ben guides us on setting up the NPGS financial policy and his predictive Heuristic-Realistic Accounting System. He also offers advice on how to capitalize your business and get money without any kind of borrowing.

            In the fourth step, Mr. Suarez guides the prospective entrepreneur in creating operating system procedures. With several illustrations from his own businesses, he demonstrates how to setup a flow chart to document your business activities.

            In the fifth step, Ben teaches his reader how to secure and organize the human resources of a business. From the employee policy to evaluation systems, the fifth step is all about assembling a happy (and productive) staff.

            The sixth step concerns itself with building, equipment and material resources. He covers inventory control systems and how to prevent employee theft.

            And the final step is all about defense. Defending your business from criminals outside your company and criminals within the government.

Final Thoughts

                This book is a great resource book. It’s not great for a quick read for scattered gems of information because it’s packed full of gems from cover to cover. Even the appendix provides life and business lessons that Mr. Suarez learned over his 21 years as a business owner. And although it’s centered around where our author has made most of his fortune, the formulae, principles, advice, forms, policies, etcetera can be adapted to almost any business that requires selling a product (or service) to individuals.

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