52 books, 52 weeks. Doesn’t sound like a big challenge to some of you out there, does it? But for me, – less than your avid reader – the goal seems lofty. That’s a lot of time per day I’d spend reading, I think to myself. And it is. But when you do the math, a 300-page book only takes about an hour a day to read, and that’s if you only read at a page per minute pace. That’s an hour I spend watching T.V. or surfing the internet. So I’m taking the plunge. 52 books in 52 weeks or a book a week for a year.

So why the blog? Well, as all humans do, I wanted to show off in the completion of my goals. But, I also wanted to inspire other people to read. Maybe not 52 books a year but certainly more than they are now. I used to read maybe a book or two a year. That’s not good. But unfortunately, I’ve heard worse. People laughing at the fact that they haven’t read A book in MULTIPLE years or, saying that they don’t like reading. That’s way worse… and that’s what I’m trying to get rid of.

Also, the blog helps me in other ways. If no one reads it, I’m not losing anything. I’m still learning a skill, the skill of putting my thoughts on paper (also known as writing). And if people do read it, become fans, then the readers will make sure that I’m completing my weekly goals. I plan on delivering a book report to this page every Saturday after I’ve finished my book of the week. That’s the absolute smallest amount of content I’ve promised myself that I would put out each week. Regardless of the criticism I get. Even if the blog is an epic failure. Read a new book and write about it each week.

Fifty-two books in a year sounds like a daunting task to me now but I’m certain if I put my mind to it, I can do it with ease. Put your mind to reading a book today even if it’s a few pages. I’m certain that you will feel better after you do.